Expat Files – 09.22.17

#1- Expat Eddie outlines a few of his own pointed Latin learning experiences as a gringo boss, including interviewing, hiring, firing, managing and training Latin workers.

#2- When gringos get into car accidents.
What if a gringo didn’t know Spanish, had an expired driver’s license and no insurance. On top of that, what if he totaled the other guy’s car, the passengers were injured and two different types of cops showed up? Oh.. and it was obviously the gringo’s fault and he admitted it?
Hopeless huh? Not quite, today’s true “boots on the ground” story actually has a somewhat happy ending.

#3- Skinflint Gringos in Latin America. How are they perceived and  received by the locals? Yes cheapskates are down here by the millions, many having had a Peace Corps or college backpacking experience that so impressed them as young adults that they are driven back down to recapture the feeling and  excitement as middle-aged or retired cheapskates. Even Expat Eddie, a highly successful guy, says he’s got a skinflint backpacker gene on his blood that he just can’t shake. But luckily, a cheapskate’s budget (in the states) often buys a 3rd world banquet.

#4- The “real” life expectancy figures in Latin Americans.

#5- DYK there are 3 types of Latin police?
Today we explanation of what each is supposed to be doing, versus what they are really doing (besides eat, belch, breath, fart, waste money and time while taking up valuable space).

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