Expat Files – 09.23.16

#1-Food shopping at a big, chaotic, outdoor Latin market is a real adventure. Contrary to what these places look like- blind alleys, weird sights and smells- they really are totally safe and fun. So don’t worry if you’re the only gringo/gringa in a sea of a hundred plus short, brown faces. You’ll always be treated like a special visitor. However, your bags and booty can get very unmanageable and heavy. So do hire a porter(a dollar or so) and he’ll (nope, no females in that business) even do your bartering for you if you like (don’t forget to barter, its expected)
#2- Some great up to the moment “cost of living” examples along with some Latin style shopping tips 
#3- Today’s off-the-tourist-trail “boots on the ground” story takes us on a trip to the Pacific Ocean to analyze the rumored impending worldwide coconut supply shortage- which doesn’t seem to be visible in Central America. Some 1st worlder’s are saying we are at peak oil(coconut oil that is) and that it will surely raise the price of coconut products. 
#4- A bit about surfing and surfers in Latin America  
#5- When, why and how Gringos go native..
#6- Introducing Johnny’s new nine hour, thirty-five video “Expat Essentials Course” designed for people contemplating their own Plan “B” but can’t quite afford to get “boots on the ground” or can’t attend an  “Expat Insider” Seminar in Latin America. Yes it’s just what the doctor ordered, a great way to get your ducks lined up for your own Plan “B” and the next best thing to coming down yourself. Go to www.ExpatPlanB.com wher you can see 3 free videos and more details on the new “Expat Essentials” course.
#7-Consult with Johnny- Schedule a cell or Skype call: Set up a time to talk and I’ll help you sort out your own specific Latin American “PLAN- B”. Just write “CONSULT” in the subject line with a short list of questions/talking points to: theexpatfiles@gmail.com
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