Expat Files – 09.24.17

#1- (Anti)Social Media in Latin America and how its negatively affecting the local population:
Yes, a certain small percentage of middle and upper-class Latins are addicted to Twitter and Facebook (who’d a thunk?) They have even invented a new vocabulary word for those particular stupid addictions. That said, about 80% of Latinos with little or no discretionary income have found the “whats up” app virtually all they need- and its virtually free too, that’s the point.

#2- An important update on the big Mexico City 7.1 earthquake, with some surprising details no one in the media wants to talk about

#3- Mormons converge on Johnny and try to convert him:
Hear today’s “boots on the ground story”. This could happen to you.

#4- Ten great tips for gringos and expats when dealing with the often stifling Latin bureaucracy:
You can expect things to take much much longer than originally planned and expect to get bad or dated info on blogs and English and Spanish websites as well bad or dated info on so called “official” govt sites too. Today we have a primer on what can go wrong on that count and how to be prepared for those eventualities.

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