Expat Files – 10.30.16

#1- A Nicaragua Update:
There are some damaging events going on in right now that will affect Nicaragua quite negatively starting in 2017. These developments don’t bode well for Expats living there or planning to move there  
#2- Gringos and Expats to avoid:
Closer to the tourist trail, you’ll soon meet gringos and Expats that will grate on you and rub you the wrong way. You will not want to be their friends when you realize they are part of a larger problem. So then, what makes so many gringos and gringas on or near the tourist trail so instantly unlikable and even repulsive? Listen today and find out..
#3- The basic truths about hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes in Latin America:
Today we discuss natural disasters Latin style, and what Expat gonnabes and wannabees need to know.
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Attendance will be very limited so do act now.
#6. Announcing the new “Podcast by Phone” feature. You now have a way to listen to the last FIVE Expat Files programs over the phone rather than downloading or streaming from the PRN archives or other sources. The phone number for this free service is: 1-701-719-0893
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