Expat Files – 11.24.17

#1- Latins are born litterbugs. They have a culture of littering.
When you see it in action, you probably will most days, you will naturally get irritated even outraged. What would or should be your response? Should you give a scolding, a lesson, make an embarrassing remark, or let it pass and do nothing at all?

#2- Plastic pollution in Latin America- an update on a huge problem.

#3- Latin Cops: their motto should be “to protect and serve- themselves, friends and families”
Local Latin newspapers are reporting citizens finally getting rankled at the way “on duty” cops use police cruisers as stand-ins for family cars and personal vehicles. Bottom line, if there’s a cop in the house no one in the immediate family need ever hire a mover, haul a refrigerator or ride a chickenbus again.

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