Expat Files – 11.26.17

#1- Something fishy going on here in Latin America regarding food labling and “expiration dates”. Yes “expiration” and “to be used by” dates have been popping up recently and are now seen on most food products here. But can you really trust them?
#2- An “amparo” is a Spanish word for a court date “postponement” and why white collar political crimes pay so well in Latin America.
Right now in every Latin country there are countless pussbag politicians awaiting trail whose cases either won’t get on the docket for years to come or the case will just fade way. Example: in a recent case of an exceedingly corrupt congressman, his lawyer had filed over 100 “amparos” and the case is just now being heard after he’s been 4 long years out on bail. Ten to one he won’t get convicted since in that prolonged time the initial judge has retired, the key witnesses have moved and the rest don’t quite remember the facts anymore. Yes, that’s exactly the plan!
#3- How to import food products into Latin America:
Think you might have a food product that will sell well down in Latin America?
Today you’ll hear about all the moronic bureaucratic obstacles to maneuver through just to get a gluten-free soy cookie on a Latin supermarket shelf that’s already overloaded with junk food. 
#4- A few words about electric power companies and power restoration service in Latin America
#5- You don’t see see rooftop water cisterns in the states but you do see them all over Latin America. You’ll probably need one too. Meanwhile the question is, how do they work? Today you’ll find out.
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