Expat Files – 12.07.18

#1- Another Dirty Little Secret:

Your Uncle Slam really does not want you to get residency or a 2nd passport/nationality in another country. The US especially doesn’t want you to move your money and assets out of their jurisdiction. That’s why it’s time to get serious about getting a Latin American country residency now. Meanwhile the US government continues to coerce Latin governments into tightening up their residency requirements. It’s easy to figure out why the farmer doesn’t want the sheep to leave the barn. Don’t get frozen out of this opportunity.

#2- Sign up for Johnny Mueller’s January 2019 “Expat Insider Seminar” taking place in Central America from Saturday, January 5th through Friday January 11th. See the signup details by visitingwww.TheNewExpat.com and clicking on the Seminar link

#3- What is a “Fiador”?:

In Latin America you will hear the word “Fiador” thrown around over when dealing with lawyers, banks, landlords, utility hookups, internet service contracts and more. The truth is that every expat gringo will eventually need a “Fiador”….

#4- What your trusted Latin lawyer can and cannot do for you:

#5- What to do if when applying for a Latin country residency, your required police “good conduct” report comes up bad or spotty:

Yes, in certain cases there may be some work arounds and back door solutions…

#6- There is a strange new word in your expat vocabulary. That word is “Apostilled”. After getting your residency documents together, the final step is to get them “Apostilled”. Today you will find out everything you need to know about that process.



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#9- Check out my “The Expat Files” You Tube channel. See all the fun slides and photos that go along with each show. There are now more than 150 shows posted on my YouTube channel so have a look.

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