Expat Files – 12.10.17

#1- A Latin American “Cost of Living” update.
Today we discuss the various types of Latin tiendas, stores and markets (mercados) and where you can get the very best deals on food, produce and common household goods.

#2- When gringos and expats ask for and get good advice but don’t take it:
It’s a recurring theme. Good advice is given and people don’t take it or it doesn’t seem to register. Many fresh green expats prefer to step in the same potholes over and over again intent on reinventing the wheel. That’s one big reason why you’ll hear occasional Latin bad luck stories from gringos. However, if you bother to dig deeper into the facts you’ll likely see some errors and fatal flaws were committed along the way. Gringos were warned but just didn’t heed the advice.

#3- When “Gringo Prices” aren’t necessarily gringo prices (say what?)
That ubiquitous term generally means paying more for something than the local Latinos do. Though it doesn’t necessarily mean paying first-world prices. Here’s the skinny…

#4 The Lost Art of Reading:
If you still read the old fashioned way (real books or ebooks) today we have some tips on how you can tap into free online stateside libraries for practically anything in the way of ebooks, movies, documentaries and audio-books.

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