Expat Files – 12.17.17

#1- Gringos and car repairs:
Today we have yet another “boots on the ground” story you really must pay attention to. Why? To be able to make the right decisions when having your car repaired when, not if, it happens to you!

#2-Occasionally we all need to buy and/or sell used or new personal items like cars, furniture, tools, appliances. But this is Latin America and the rules of the barter, buy and sell game are slightly different than what you’re used to. For example, how would you arrange a safe meeting place to inspect an item that’s for sale when dealing with someone you don’t know who you found on www.OLX.com (the Latin version of Craig’s list) or in the Lation classified ads? Say you want to buy or sell a bike, cuisinart or treadmill? Here are some tips on how to manage the situation and go about it in a secure way.

#3-Latin transit cop stories:
Many expat gonnabees and wannabees are worried about possible confrontations with Latin cops. They’ve heard and read second hand stories that sound scary. Fact is you have a lot more to worry about when dealing with your own US cops. Turns out in most all Latin countries SOUTH of the Mexican border, cop anxiety is really unjustified. That said so called “Law Enforcement” is really an oxymoron in Latin America. Enforcement is spotty at best. Sounds bad at first, but is it really? It can either be a pain or a gift depending on circumstances. Today we present more “boots on the ground” evidence and you be the judge.

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