Expat Files – 12.18.16

#1- Expats Living in Latin America have lots of free time their hands. It’s tough work but someone’s gotta do it.

#2- “Maids, Gardeners and Cleaning Ladies- For Dummies”:
Unfortunately no one’s written it yet, but there really should be a “Dummies”  book for clueless expats.. Why? Because as with all new experiences in Latin America, gringos can certainly be clueless when it comes to the hired help and things can go south. Yes, we all make mistakes and learn the hard way with our maids, gardeners and cleaning ladies …(unless someone does write the book that begs to be written)

#3 Feeling a bit distressed because you are only paying $12 to $15 a day to the maid, cleaning lady or gardener? There seems to be that common closeted guilt felt by many fresh green expats and gringos. That said, listen to the commentary and you might feel differently about it..

#4- Johnny’s next (and perhaps final) “Expat Insider” Plan ‘B’ Seminar will take place on Saturday, January 7th thru Thursday, January 12th , 2017. Just send an email to theexpatfiles@gmail.com or click on this link: http://thenewexpat.com/johnnys-anuary-2017-latin-american-insider-seminar/
There are only one or two spots left so act now!!

#5-Announcing the new “Podcast by Phone” feature. You can now listen to the last FIVE Expat Files programs over the phone. The phone number is: 1-701-719-0893

#6- Johnny’s new “Expat Essentials Course” is a blueprint for your Plan B  and the next best way to get started without actually coming to Latin America. At www.ExpatPlanB.com see the three video intros to my new “Expat Essentials” course.

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