Expat Files – 12.22.17

Descriptions for FRIDAY DEC, 22- EXPAT FILES SHOW #720, 12-22-2017

1-Advice for expat gonnabees and wannabees formulating their Plan B’s- some predictions that will affect expats in the next 5 years:
It seems the vast majority of wannabees and gonnabees with a “Plan B” in mind believe the world is definitely headed for a big time reset but at the same time they think it will play out on “their own” particular time line. Funny how their personal “time-lines” seem to coincide with the need to work just a few more years to collect the”maximum” social security payout or pension. The sad news is ….as the world implodes it ain’t gonna follow “your” timeline. Never did, never will. You’re just lucky to have a chance to get a plan together before things get really hairy. Like the man said, “you don’t buy fire insurance after the fire!

#2- Why smart expats and gringos much prefer living in poor Latin countries as opposed to living in the wealthy, more organized first-world. Newbee expats often have mild to severe adjustment pains but in time learn its small price to pay for the huge personal and financial benefits realized in the long run.

#3-The ironclad reasons why you really should take Social Security at age 62.
Not to mention those of you slated to get private pensions should start drawing down as soon as you reach the qualifying age too. Don’t think by working longer to get a few hundred extra bucks a month will pan out. By thinking that way you’ll be taking a great gamble. Today we discuss why.

#4- Get “FAST SPANISH” second edition free! For a limited time you can get a copy of Jack Brett’s newly updated 100+ page pdf book by going to: theexpatfiles.com/fastspanish/

#5- Sign up for Johnny Mueller’s Latin American “Expat Insider” Seminar. The next one will take place on Sat, January 6th  through Thurs, January 11th  2018. Get on the earlybird list and get the info signup details by emailing Johnny at: theexpatfiles@gmail.com

#6- Set up a one-on-one personal Phone/SKYPE consult with Johnny by first downloading the “Plan B” consult/questionnaire at www.TheNewExpat.com

#7- Check out my “The Expat Files” You Tube channel. See all the fun slides and photos that go along with each show. There are now more than 150 shows posted on my YouTube channel so have a look.


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