Expat Files – 12.31.17

#1-Ten things expats need to know about prostitution and sex tourism in Latin America
Nicaragua has imposed new immigration regulations making it mandatory all visitors file a personal itinerary document at least seven days in advance of their arrival. Today we highlight the details of this latest intrusive Nica govt initiative. Note that travel and hospitality personnel are convinced this measure will have a pronounced negative affect on tourism. So far its the only country that has instituted such a stupid bureaucratic measure.
#3- DYK that in 2013, with great fanfare, Ecuador created its own cryptocurrency? Now 3 years later its been a dismal failure and national embarrassment. Here’s the skinny on this latest idiotic government folly.
#4-“Tis the Season”:
An update on water, ice, liquor, bacteria and Montezuma’s revenge (and how to avoid it).    
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