Facts You Need To Know About Home Radiation – Edward F. Group

There is no doubt that home electronics have made our lives more convenient, more entertaining, and have helped us to stay better connected with those we love. Devices likemicrowaves and blenders have made food preparation quick and simple. Other home electronics, like televisions and DVD players, have greatly enhanced our ability to entertain ourselves. Cell phones help us to communicate with family members, and many people have forgone their landline phone service in lieu of a cell phone. Still, most home electronics equipment emits electronic radiation that can be harmful to our brain and body. [1]

As we continually add new home electronics, the negative effects on our health are compounded. It is important to know the impacts that these devices are having upon your health, and how to reduce the negative effects.

Common Sources of Electronic Radiation

Most home electronics devices emit electronic radiation. Below is a list of equipment that could be causing problems in your health.

  Cordless Phones

  Cordless Baby Alarms

  Cellular Phones

  Wireless Routers

  Microwave Ovens

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