Failure To Prosecute Bush For War Crimes Threatens World Peace By Sherwood Ross

President George W. Bush did much to turn the world into the lawless battlefield it is today, and as he has not yet been prosecuted for his crimes, other terrorists will only continue down his path.
The late Vincent Bugliosi, the famed Los Angeles county district attorney, wrote, “Bush should be prosecuted, in an American courtroom, for first degree murder arising out of his war in Iraq.”
Bush “beyond all reasonable doubt” is responsible for all the murders of American troops killed in Iraq and could be prosecuted by any of 140 Federal and State legal authorities, Bugliosi wrote.
The president is guilty of “the most serious crime ever committed in American history”knowingly and deliberately taking this country to war in Iraq under false pretenses,” Bugliosi said, killing 4,000 GIs, seriously wounding 30,000 more, and killing 100,000 innocent Iraqis as a consequence.
Bush is referred to above as a “terrorist” as the facts overwhelmingly support this epithet.
In his book, “George W. Bush, War Criminal?”(Praeger) professor Michael Haas writes prisoners of the Bush regime typically were held without even knowing the charges against them, a right first established in the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679 in Britain. (Haas is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Hawaii and has authored and edited 33 books on human rights.)
Haas counts no fewer than 269 different kinds of war crimes for which Bush is liable, of which the denial of habeas corpus is just one. These range from torture of children(!) to denying prisoners’ attorneys, to forcing confessions under torture to sexual attacks to threatening prisoners’ families to water boarding.
Many innocents were held in prisons kept secret from the Red Cross, another war crime. The CIA alone operated at least 11 such prisons. Bush’s forces also took 24,000 prisoners, most of them civilians, virtually all of them innocent of any offense, and locked them away for years without lawyers or bringing them to trial.
Referring to Bush’s many wrongs, Haas asserted, “they have been so devastating to those affected that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored, because civilization cannot survive their being repeated over and over again.”