Fight cavities and gingivitis naturally with homemade DIY Oral health

Forget buying toothpaste, reading all of those ingredients, wondering if you can recycle the toothpaste tube or not. Make your own toothpaste, mouthwash, and more. There’s nothing you can get in the store that will do as well as these recipes. But remember, there’s nothing you can do for your gums and teeth that will heal them and keep them healthy without eating a healthy diet.

Your mouth emulates the health of your gut. Disease starts in the gut, and that’s true for everyone except for the few people who smoke but eat very well. Smoking (tobacco, marijuana, anything) is extremely bad for the teeth and the gums. That’s not to say that if you choose to smoke you should not use these homemade recipes, it’s just that your teeth and gums will deteriorate if you do not take care of the rest of the body. These formulas can reduce the deterioration rate, or, if the body is taken care of, they will accelerate the healing, reverse cavities, remove inflammation, eliminate infection, and whiten.

One other exception, and an unfortunately common one, is someone who takes very good care of their body’s, but is stuck with mercury fillings. These fillings will also deteriorate teeth and gum health, but there are steps you can take that will significantly reduce their health consequences.

Homemade Remineralizing and Whitening Toothpaste Recipe

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