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Flashback: Allegations of Government Human and Biotech Experiments at a Deep Underground Military Base near Dulce

By now, most people know of at least a few of the more infamous instances of our government secretly experimenting on its own citizens.

The Tuskegee experiments, where some 600 poor sharecroppers in Macon County, Alabama were told they’d get free government healthcare during the great depression in what turned out to be a government-induced and monitored syphilis infection is one of those cases.

MKUltra, the CIA’s post-World War II mass mind control experiment conducted on the populous at large all over the nation, included everything from giving LSD to babies to satanic sex abuse rituals and torture of children and others in order to “crack their minds” for control in what some victims were allegedly told was “an aid of national security.”

For another less horrifying, perhaps more basic example out of Craig Roberts’ The Medusa File: Secret Crimes and Coverups of the U.S. Government, (a book of which just the first few chapters could make most Americans’ hair turn white), many people don’t realize that during World War II, the US government sent Navy warships out of San Diego up the Southern California coastline covertly spraying influenza virus out of large pressure tanks onto small coastal towns. Government agencies would then monitor where the virus outbreaks cropped up and how far the virus spread at various surveillance sites from the shoreline up to 250 miles inland. Other tests, involving other chemical compounds out of supposed concern for chemical warfare, were also conducted on an unknowing population, always of course “as a defensive measure” and “for national security.”

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