It’s All About Food – Gene Stone and Mike Shanahan – 01.24.17

Part I: Gene Stone, The Trump Survival Guide
Gene_StoneGene Stone has been a book, magazine, and newspaper editor, is also the author of more than forty books. He lives in New York City.


Part II: Mike Shanahan, Gods, Wasps and Stranglers, The Secret History and Redemptive Future of Fig Trees
mike-shanahanMike Shanahan is a freelance writer with a doctorate in rainforest ecology. He has lived in a national park in Borneo, bred endangered penguins, investigated illegal bear farms, produced award-winning journalism and spent several weeks of his life at the annual United Nations climate change negotiations. He is interested in what people think about nature and our place in it. His writing includes work published by The Economist, Nature, New Scientist, BBC Earth and Ensia, and chapters of Dry: Life without Water (Harvard University Press); Climate Change and the Media (Peter Lang Publishing) and Culture and Climate Change: Narratives (Shed). He is the illustrator of Extraordinary Animals (Greenwood Publishing Group). He maintains a blog called Under the Banyan and is on Twitter at @shanahanmike.





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