GARY LEGUM – What everybody missed about Charles Koch’s “endorsement” of Hillary Clinton

Let us start by dispensing with one of the funniest fictions that spread around social media on Sunday: No, Wichita billionaire and supervillain from a “Naked Gun” movie Charles Koch did not endorse Hillary Clinton for president.

The comments that set off much finger-pointing and cries of “Aha! We told you Hillary is a tool of conservative billionaires!” came towards the end of this interview Koch gave ABC’s Jonathan Karl on the Sunday show “This Week.” The libertarian billionaire was making the not-at-all-debatable-or-controversial point that under George W. Bush, the size of government and its debts grew at a rate of about two and a half times what it had been under Bush’s predecessor, Bill Clinton. This led Karl to ask if Koch thinks “another Clinton” will be a better president than a Republican:

KARL: So is it possible another Clinton could be better than another Republican–

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