Gary Null Letter to Tucker Carlson

Dear Tucker,

As a regular viewer of your FOX program, I realize you hold a skeptical position about anthropogenic climate change and the environment. Nevertheless, I acknowledge that you are also open-minded when new information or facts are presented to you. I am therefore providing you with several of our most recent articles that address the threats and challenges of climate change with referenced headlines and facts.

In addition, we have both had our controversies with Wikipedia, overtly liberal biases and the its stranglehold on objective editorial prcoesses.  During the past 18 months, my staff and I have been conducting ongoing investigations into Wikipedia’s operations, its editorial policies, certain factions given preferential treatment on the website’s editorial decision-making, as well as Jimmy Wales’ own personal ideological biases. I believe you will find these investigations revealing and relevant to your programming.  I welcome discussing any of these with you if you feel it is appropriate.


Gary Null, PhD


Progressive Radio Network

New York, NY