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The Gary Null Show – 01.27.17

How the neglect of nature, the environment, and biodiversity is threatening the nations and the planets economic prosperity

Prof. Geoffrey (Jeff) Heal is the Donald Waite III professor of Social Enterprise at Columbia University’s business school, where he specializes in economic theory, environmental economics, emerging energy markets, and sustainable business.  He is a director for the Union of Concerned Scientists, a founding director for the Coalition for Rainforest Nations, and the past president for the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. Over the years he has held leadership roles in the World Bank’s and UNEP’s human development research.  Prof. Heal holds a masters and doctorate degree from Cambridge University and an honorary doctorate from the Universite de Paris Dauphine (Daufin), and has taught at the universities of Essex, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Stockholm and others.  He has authored 18 books and published 200 articles.  His most recent is “Endangered Economies: How the Neglect of Nature Threatens Our Prosperity” by Columbia University Press


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