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The Gary Null Show – 02.08.19

America’s crisis in personal medical debt and debt forgiveness

Jerry Ashton has had a career in the credit and collections industry for over four decades. He is the co-founder and executive director of RIP Medical Debt, which was inspired by the “rolling Jubilee” debt forgiveness initiative started by Occupy Wall Street. This is a non profit charitable organization that has abolished medical debt for 10s of thousands of Americans.  Back in 1995, after witnessing the way people who have fallen into debt were treated, he founded CFO Advisers, which created debtor-centric teams in several states to service up to a half billion in receivables annually.  Jerry is the author of the recent “End Medical Debt: Curing America’s $1 Trillion Unpayable Medical Debt,” and his organization’s website is, which provides details for donating and helping people understand ways to relieve themselves from the burden of medical debt. 


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