The Gary Null Show – 04.12.18

The dominant presence of the Skeptic movement in Wikipedia to suppress alternative information and facts. And is Wikipedia promulgating a biased Skeptic agenda? 

Rome Viharo is the founding president of Native Smart Inc. in Southern California, a young private company that has developed the first content, private exchange platform and network for mobile phones. During the past dozen years, Rome has been an independent editor with an official editor’s account with Wikipedia, the online, open source encyclopedia run by Media Wiki Foundation. During his time working within the online corridors of Wikipedia’s editorial activities, he has observed first hand how certain groups, organizations, and individuals outside of the Wikipedia organization have dominated its public space to promulgate personal agendas and biases.  In response, Rome created the commentary blog “Wikipedia, We Have A Problem” which identifies and exposes the chaos behind the scenes in Wikipedia’s editorial activities.  In the past he has been sought out by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake — the British biologist who proposed the theory of morphogenic fields  — and Deepak Chopra to perform editorial cleanups on their Wiki biographies in opposition to Skeptic and scientific atheist groups determined to denigrate anything associated with non-conventional medicine and the paranormal.  His website is WikipediaWeHaveAProblem.com


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