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The Gary Null Show – 04.27.18

What we can learn from Indigenous American wisdom for a spirit-based activism to foment constructive change.

Sherri Mitchell is an attorney specializing in Indigenous People’s Law, policy and human rights, and a member from the Penobscot native tribe in Maine.  She is the founding director of the Land Peace Foundation, an international organization dedicated to the preservation of the indigenous way of life. She has also been a long time adviser to the American Indian Institute’s Healing the Future Program, and is currently an adviser to the Indigenous Elders and Medicine People’s Council of North and South America. Earlier Sherri worked as a law clerk for the US Department of the Interior and as civil rights educator for Maine’s attorney general.  Over the years she has traveled worldwide to lecture and teach about environmental justice, spiritual change and heart-based activism. She has been awarded international humanitarian awards, and received her doctorate in law from the University of Arizona. Sherri is the author of the recent book “Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change,” which draws upon native american wisdom for finding a positive course for confronting our environmental, social and human justice crises.  Her websites is