The Gary Null Show – 08.02.18

Part 1: Gary’s New Article Can We Trust Wikipedia and Its Medical Skepticism?

This article will challenge a relatively recent group of Skeptics that identify themselves
as the advocates of Science-Based Medicine (SBM), which is not to be confused with
the widely accepted approach to decision-making in medical practice known as
Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM). Although SBM’s most vocal leaders are physicians
and medical researchers, the group’s origin is more properly found in the growing
Skepticism movement, which advocates strict adherence to mainstream science and
diligently criticizes alternative and traditional medical systems and therapies as pseudo-
science, quackery and enemies of reason.

Part 2: How dreams can save your life from life threatening diseases… 

Dr. Larry Burk is radiologist, mind-body physician, acupuncturist, and was the founder and educational director of Duke University’s Center for Integrative and its Mind-Body Medicine Study Group. He is also a founding member of the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition. Larry was one of the early researchers in Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI and the first to study musculoskeletal disorders in professional baseball players, the Philadelphia Phillies with MRI technology.  For the past two decades he explored medical intuition the relationship dreams and health, particularly warning dreams related to breast cancer. I would note that his TED talk about cancer warning dreams was censored, likely by the same medical Skeptics who control much of the content related to medicine and healthcare on TED.  Larry holds a medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh Medical School and did post-doctoral work at Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Pennsylvania. He is the co-author “Dreams that Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases,” which provides a history of the research in dreams and disease and advice on interpretation.  Dr Burk’s website is LetMagicHappen.com

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