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The Gary Null Show – 08.29.17

Nutrition, plant based diets for preventing and reversing disease

Dr. John McDougall is a nationally renowned medical internist and nutrition expert who has treated thousands of patients with whole food and plant based dietary protocols and life style changes for over three decades. He is the founder and director of the McDougall Program, an intensive residential health program held in Santa Rosa, California.  He sits on the advisory board of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and was one of their plaintiffs in a suit against the USDA and Department of Health and Human Services regarding corruption and corporate influence over national cholesterol guidelines. John received his medical degree from Michigan State University’s medical college and did his residency at the University of Hawaii. Along with his wife Mary, he has published a series of books including “The McDougall Program: Twelve Days to Dynamic Health,” “Dr McDougall’s Digestive Tune Up”  and several vegetarian cookbooks.  His website is