The Gary Null Show – 10.07.16


Restoring the paranormal and unexplained phenomenon as a legitimate subject of study and the limitations of our postmodern materialist worldview

Professor Jeffrey Kripal (CRY-pull) is the Newton Rayzor Professor of Religious Studies and Chair of the Department of Religion at Rice University in Houston Texas.  His areas of specialty include comparative erotics (the history of eroticism in world religions), paranormal and mystical phenomena, the history of western esotericism, counterculture religious movements, pop religion, and the psychological study of religion.  Jeffrey is among a growing group of scholars, and perhaps one of its leaders, who are engaged in revisioning religious and spiritual phenomenon within modern society. He is the author of several important books addressing contemporary mysticism and pop religion, and wrote the most thorough study into the origins and history of the Esalen Institute. His most recent book is “The Super Natural: A New Vision of The Unexplained” and co-written with the nonfiction writer of the paranormal Whitley Strieber. 

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