The Gary Null Show – 11.18.16

Remembering America’s Prophetic Tradition for radical social and political change – and why it is so important in the era of Trump

Prof Albert Raboteau is the Henry Putnam professor of Religion emeritus at Princeton University.  He is regarded as an expert in slave religions in US history, Black religious culture and the history of American prophetic voices for political and social change. His father had been killed by a white extremist in Mississippi before the civil rights movement. Prof Raboteau holds degrees from Loyola, University of California at Berkeley and from Yale University’s religion department.  He has written many on the African American religious experience, and his most recent is “American Prophets:  Seven Religious Radicals and Their Struggle for Social and Political Justice” – an excellent primer and introduction to this history of political and social change that is becoming ever more urgent as we enter the age of Trump.

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