The Gary Null Show – 12.13.16

Today On The Gary Null Show, Gary Null opens up with the latest in health and healing covering the important topics of Parkinsons, how fasting can help kill cancer cells and so much more. In the second half of the program Gary talks about the enviorment and plays to audio clips about the CIA and if youre getting the “REAL NEWS”. To wrap up the program Gary goes into a commentary by Henry Giroux on the “president elect” Donald Trump.

Streaming Live Monday December 19th at 7:00PM EST (Eastern time), will be Gary Null’s Documentary (part 1 of 4), “Overcoming Depression & Anxiety Naturally”!

There will also be a Q & A session after the screening with the director, Gary Null.

Once you’ve purchased your $10 ticket, you will be emailed a receipt followed by an email with a link to the webinar at 6:45pm, Dec 19th.  The Q & A will be held afterwards in the webinar where you will be logged in.

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