The Gary Null Show – 12.17.19

The power and role of imagination necessary to survive in the future we are headed towards

Rob Hopkins is an environmental and social activist in the UK and the co-founder of the Transition movement started in 2005, a grassroots community project that is now international with the aim to increase community and local self-sufficiency to reduce the potential effects of climate change catastrophes, peak oil and economic instability. For the past 15 years Rob has focused his energies on finding create ways to address global challenges. There are now 167 transition cities and towns in the US, the latest being Kingston NY. Rob holds a degree in environmental resource management and a doctorate from Plymouth University. He has received many awards for his activism, a couple honorary doctorates and has been recognized as one of the UK top radical visionaries and environmentalists. He is the author of several books, including the Transition Handbook and the Transition Companion. Rob’s latest is “From What Is to What If: Unleashing the Power of Imagination to Create the Future We Want.”  His websites are and


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