The Gary Null Show – 2.01.19

Vaccine update — CDC Stefano study on MMR vaccine and other vaccine issues to be worried about

Dr. Brian Hooker is an Associate Professor of Biology at Simpson University in California, and a senior consultant for ARES Corporation, specializing in environmental restoration design. Brian is a prominent leader and board member in the organization Focus Autism, which is investigating the scientific evidence for a vaccine-autism connection. He also has a son with autism and has been active in autism community for over a decade. Over the years Brian has filed many FOIAs with federal health agencies and has received 1000s of pages of documents that support the need to question the efficacy and safety of vaccination.  He was the independent point researcher in the whistleblowing case by the CDC’s Dr William Thompson who was featured in the film Vaxxed. He holds degrees from California State Polytechnic University and a doctorate in biochemical engineering from Washington State University.  Dr. Hooker’s  website is FocusAutism.org

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