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The Gary Null Show – The state of California’s efforts to harass physicians who give temporary or permanent medical exemptions from being vaccinated 02.07.20

Dr. Ken Stoller is a board pediatrician medicine, specializing in functional and natural medicine practicing at the Functional Neurology clinic in San Francisco, and an environmental activist. He is a founder and president of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association having pioneered hyperbaric treatments for various conditions including fetal alcohol syndrome. Having become frustrated with medical agency and association cover-ups and the corporate medical lobbying powers over the rapid rise in children’s developmental disabilities, Dr. Stoller and other physicians testified before Congress on the role vaccinations have played, particularly mercury, in the rise of autism and other related conditions. For a couple decades Ken has been treating stroke, autism, cerebral palsy, MS and Lyme brain disorders. Recently the state of California’s Medical Board has filed a case against Dr. Stoller for medically exempting children from receiving vaccinations. He received medical degree and training from the University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine in 1986 and his website is


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