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A Dream Cabinet for Millennials — Supported by a Council of Wise Elders


For progressives and independents who do not buy into the partisan duopoly in Washington,Jill Stein and the Green Party received a disappointing 1 percent of the vote, Nearly 100 million chose not to vote and more or less 125 million voted for the Democrats or the GOP.  This was the most angry election in recent history with half of voters irate and livid at the other half.  Isn’t it time we stay Cease and Desist? Isn’t it time to put a stop to this madness? Doing more Doing more of the same in the parties wont change anything. For the past 32 years, neither Democrats nor Republicans have constructively changed much and put the nation on a proper course.  There is little time to debate and argue and all efforts must be made to:


  • Stop regime change in foreign nations
  • No longer support to dictators and rogue nations such as Saudi Arabia, Israel and Ukraine
  • Stop widespread spying and surveillance on all citizens
  • Stop energizing the fossil fuel industry contributing to further global warming and make efforts to reverse its trends
  • Stop the proliferation of GMOs, industrial monocrop agriculture and the destruction of the environment by the meat industry
  • Reverse the dumbing down of educational institutions and put a halt on charter schools for profit
  • Pass a national universal healthcare law
  • Obstruct the power of the pharmaceutical industry to dictate and control federal health policies
  • Restore Glass-Steagall and curtail Wall Street’s casino gambling of derivatives
  • Restore the nation’s broken, archaic infrastructures: raiways, highways, schools, bridges, etc
  • Revert private prisons to the public sector.
  • Eliminate the war on drugs and legalize
  • Stop job outsourcing overseas that take away jobs at home
  • Regulate trade agreements that injure the public interest and domestic economy
  • Eliminate Citizens United
  • Restore the Constitutional separation of Church and State.


A fundamental question everyone should be asking is:  Knowing that another Democrat, including Bernie Sanders, will be unable to implement the necessary and urgent changes listed, what then could be changed that might lead to a truly progressive revolution? Perhaps the answer may be found among our nation’s older wise elders who are not corrupted—our humanitarians and visionaries, peace activists, educators, economists and sociologists, diplomats and nonpartisan politicians and spiritual leaders to work with and guide the best and brightest of Generation Y and Millennial Generation. Together perhaps they can repair the damage the US has inflicted upon other nations and the planet, raise again America’s reputation among the community of nations, demilitarize our world, cease pathologizing human life and criminalizing normal behavior, and finally usurp power from the corporate oligarchs who now threaten all of life on Earth.


We are offering a radical new view of the future for a Millennial cabinet and advisory councils of wise elders..


Young Adults – For Executive, presidential/VP office


Rep Tulsi Gabbard (age 36) – Democrat representative from Hawaii who resigned from the NDC in protest

Kshama Sawant (age 43) – socialist on Seattle City Council, Occupy, environmentalist

Abby Martin (age 33) – Television host

Zephyr Teachout (age 46) – Law professor at Fordham



Dept of Defense

Ray McGovern – former CIA Official

Col. Andrew Bacevich – Historian at Boston University

Nick Turse – Investigative war journalist

Rebecca Gordon – Philosopher, University of San Francisco

David Swanson – Peace and anti-war activist


State Department – former Senator Chris Murphy (age 43) – D-CT, youngest member in Senate at 39 years and a progressive on labor and worker economic issues;

Dennis Kucinch

Noam Chomsky

Chris Hedges



Michael Hudson – Economist

Elizabeth Warren – Senator from MA

Dr. David Korten – Economist and human development

Nomi Prins – former Goldman Sachs officer

Paul Craig Roberts – former Deputy Sec of Treasury

William Black – Economist, University of Missouri


Attorney General – Zephyr Teachout (age 46) – Law professor at Fordham, leftist political activist who ran against Cuomo for governor

Danny Sheehan – pubic advocate

Michelle Alexandra – African American Professor of Law at Ohio State

John Whitehead –  Constitutional attorney

Francis Boyle – human rights attorney, University of Illinois

Glen Greenwald – Constitutional Attorney and journalist


Dept of Agriculture – David Bonner (age 38), CEO of Dr Bonners Soaps, agricultural anti-GMO activist,

Dr. Jonathan Latham, Geneticist, Founder of Bioscience Resource Project

Ronnie Cummins – President of the Organic Consumers Association

David Montgomery – Professor of Geology, University of Washington

Jeffrey Smith, Founder, Institute for Responsible Technology



Mary Holland, Professor of Law, NYU

Jonathan Emord – Attorney, former health advisor for Ron Paul

Gretchn DeBeau – Attorney, Alliance for Natural Health Attorney

Diana Miller – Attorney, Health Freedom


Health and Human Services – Dr. Thomas Campbell (Colin’s son) (approx age early 40s)

Dr Jill Stein, Presidential candidate of Green Party

Dr Neal Bernard, Founder, Physicians for Responsible Medicine

Scott Tips – civil society attorney on CODEX

Dr. Richard Davidson – Prof neuroscience, University of Wisconsin, Dalai Lama’s associate

Dr. Peter Breggin, Psychiatrist


CIA/National Intelligence/Homeland – Edward Snowden (age 34)

Ray McGovern – former CIA Official

Coleen Rawley – former FBI special agent

Melvin Goodman – former CIA Official

Marjorie Cohen – Former President of the National Lawyers Guild

Rocky Anderson, Founder of the Justice Party


Dept of Commerce

Lawrence Lessig, Professor at Harvard Law School

Ellen Brown, Founder, Public Banking Institute

Gar Alperovitz – Professor of Political Science, Univ of Maryland

Dean Baker, Center for Economics

Barbara Ehrenreich —


Dept of Education – Carol Burris (mid 40s) – NY State high school principle of the year

Diana Ravich, Professor of Education, NYU

Henry Giroux, Professor of Communications, McMaster University

Linda Darling Hammond – Professor, Learning Center at Stanford University


Dept of Interior – Tim DeChristopher (age 35) – environmentalist, ecologist, founder of Peaceful Uprising

Derrick Jensen – ecological activist

Brent Blackwelder – Former President of Friends of the Earth

Dr Sylvia Earl – Ocean scientist



Dept of Housing – Sasha Abramsky (age 45) – Oxford trained sociologist in poverty issues

Glen Ford – The Black Agenda Report

Peter Temin – Economist at MIT

Gerald Friedman, social economist at University of Mass


Dept of Labor – Kshama Sawant (age 43) – socialist on Seattle City Council

Rabbi Michael Lerner

Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate

Robert Reich, Professor, University of California at Berkeley


EPA – Annie Leonard (age 49) – current USA director of Greenpeace

Wenonah Hauter – Director of Food and Water Watch

Harvey Wasserman – Clean Energy activist

Richard Heinberg – Post Carbon Institute


UN Ambassador – Max Blumenthal (age 39)

Lawrence Lessig, Harvard University

Jerry Mander – founder, International Forum on Globalization
Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University


New Department — Department of Climate — Prof Tim Garrett (early 40s) – professor of climate change economics at Univ of Utah

Henry Pollack – Professor of Climate Sciences, Univ of Michigan

Michael Mann – Climateologist, Penn State University

Natasha Sarkova – University of Alaska

James Hansen – Professor, Earth Institute


New Department — Department of Peace (first proposed by Dennis Kucinch in Congress) —

Rep. Dennis Kuchinch

Cornel West, Harvard University

Media Benjamin, Code Pink

Harvey Wasserman

Marianne Williamson

Rabbi Michael Lerner, Network of Spiritual Progressives


New Department — Department of Interfaith and Religious Reconciliation —

Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

Cornel West, Harvard University

Karen Armstrong, Religious scholar

Harvey Cox, Professor Emeritus of Religion, Harvard University

Andrew Harvey, founder, Institute for Sacred Activism

Robert Thurman, Professor of Religion, Columbia University