Gaza Lost in the Fog of War: Hillary Clinton and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Timothy Alexander Guzman

Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic pro-Israel candidate that would diminish any hope for a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In fact, Clinton will give the self-proclaimed “Jewish State” the green light for any future conflict against the Palestinians although most of the potential candidates (the majority are Republicans) for U.S. President are pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian. However, Clinton would advance Israel’s geopolitical power in the Middle East to specifically target Iran’s nuclear program which would please the Israeli government especially its right-wing fanatics who call for beheadings of disloyal Israeli-Arabs. She would target Syria’s government by arming “moderate” rebels (which would be a boost for corporate profits) for regime change and approve military aid to Israel if they launched a new war against Hezbollah.

During ‘Operation Protective Edge’, Israel’s 2014 offensive in the Gaza Strip resulted in more than 2,300 Palestinian deaths and more than 10,000 wounded according to Gaza Health Ministry. If Hillary Clinton were to be elected President of the United States; the Palestinian people will be subjected to more war and death committed by the Israeli government. A new Clinton Presidency would mean more political leverage for Israeli politicians and more military aid for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) which in fact will benefit her campaign contributors such as Boeing who manufactures F-15 fighter jets and other military hardware. Kelley Vlahos quoted Karen Kwiatkowski, a retired Air Force Lieutenant on Hillary Clinton’s interventionist policies in an article from The American Conservative in 2014 and said “Interventionism is a business and it has a constituency and she is tapping into it,” she tells TAC. “She is for the military industrial complex, and she is for the neoconservatives.”

Clinton managed to fault Hamas during Israeli operations in the Gaza strip in an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg of‘The Atlantic’ by saying that she was “not surprised that Hamas provoked another attack”. Clinton also responded to Israel’s bombing of U.N. school at the Jabalia refugee camp, killing an estimated 15 people (mostly women and children) with more than 100 civilians wounded. Clinton’s response to the bombing was “I’m not sure it’s possible to parcel out blame because it’s impossible to know what happens in the fog of war.”

Clinton defended Israel right from the start in The Atlantic interview:

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