Geopolitical Swelling in Ukraine

Ukraine is facing two realities today. It can turn into a functioning country, the way it was before February 22, 2014, or it can continue to be a failed nation, governed by out-of-control politicians.

The main requirement for Ukraine to become a successfully functioning state requires that the country turns into a buffer zone, or as political scientists, John Mearshimer, explains, it has to become a neutral buffer nation.

Unfortunately for Ukraine, the people in that country are not the ones in power to decide which of the two paths they will follow.

In order for Ukraine to become a successful state, it is necessary that the West, America and Europe, stop attempting to incorporate Ukraine into Europe and into NATO, which is something that Mearshimer sees as an unlikely outcome.

Behind every US and European attempt to politically annex Ukraine, there is a backstage struggle between Russia and the United States as well as between the European Union and Russia. According to Mearshimer, there may even exist a rift between Ukraine and Europe.

Under the current geopolitical circumstances, both America and Europe need Russia’s help to deal with other regional conflicts, which is why Mearshimer, sees America’s actions against Russia as “foolish”.

Russia has clearly played an important role in US-Iranian negotiations. Russia’s diplomatic work has also proven important when dealing with Syria and even China. However, all the United States government has done is alienate Russia by using its allies in Europe and its global police -NATO- to attempt to bully Russia into retreat.

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