Ginger: The Enemy of Type 2 Diabetes

Ginger has been studied to have value in over 150 health conditions with type 2 diabetes top on the list. With anti-diabetic drugs linked to increased cardiovascular mortality, natural alternatives are needed now more than ever. 

While ginger is widely used as a spice today, its role as a healing agent is often overlooked in modern society despite its thousands of years of documented use as a powerful medicine.  Modern science, however, is finally catching up to the wisdom of the ancients. For instance, there are over 2100 published studies on the medicinal properties of ginger in the scientific literature, and the database contains evidence that it has value in over 170 different health conditions, and has over 50 different beneficial physiological effects.

Notably, of all the conditions the research on ginger we have indexed reveals its therapeutic value for, type 2 diabetes is top on the list, with seven studies on our database providing proof of its efficacy.And the research keeps coming…

Half a Billion At Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder dominated by high blood sugar (hyperglycemia), but with inflammation and oxidative stress driving the damage most directly linked to morbidity and mortality associated with the condition. It is our belief that this condition is driven primarily through a combination of an evolutionarily incompatible Western diet, inactivity, gut dysbiosis and multiple, cumulative chemical exposures, and yet rarely do physicians know how or care to address these root causes and reverse them, opting for pharmaceutical intervention and a fatalistic attitude that serves no one’s best interest.

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