Global Alert News – 04.11.18

We are all swimming in a toxic sea of contamination from countless sources, there is no truly organic anything at this point. A new report further confirms the health threats posed to commercial flight passengers (and crews) from toxic air. As the oceans acidify, are the geoengineers going to propose converting every ship on the planet into tankers in order to fill the seas with alkalizing lime? Are ever increasing climate engineering operations really holding off the “super greenhouse effect (SGE)”? Or is the global geoengineering assault actually pushing us toward an “SGE” scenario? Land degradation is already impacting nearly half of the planet’s population, how long till the food supply chain in the US is affected? The power structure push toward WWlll continues, why do the majority of populations seem unable to recognize the converging catastrophes that are closing in with blinding speed? A report on the human brain sheds light on this question. The April 7th installment of Global Alert News is below.

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