Global Alert News – 05.13.17

The societal division between those  who are willing to face the truth, and those who are not, is widening by the day. The power structure is doing all it can to fuel increasing animosity on all sides of of the equation. The truth about vaccination dangers is finally surfacing, this will continue to be a major and growing societal flashpoint. The former president of Merck corporation (the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world) led a secret biowarfare program, should this be a surprise? Global geopolitical issues are also spiraling out of control at blinding speed as a growing number of governments are losing control of their populations. A new study confirms the oxygen supply in the world’s oceans is declining rapidly, the same is true for atmospheric oxygen. Ocean acidification is also accelerating ocean die-off. A new report from BBC warns us of new and formerly unknown pathogens that will be released from thawing permafrost, but will that be the true source of future plagues that are already beginning to unfold? How many in the environmental sciences are not telling the truth and thus betraying the very populations they pretend to serve? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

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