Global Alert News – 09.17.16

The day is rapidly coming when countless members of our society will be forced to face the fact that they have been living in a delusional reality. So many will soon be forced to face the fact that they, themselves, have been a part of the tyranny, whether actively or passively, by fully supporting the system that has painted us into this dark corner. Those who have bought into and used the “conspiracy theory” programmed knee jerk response to any individual that had the courage to try and share unpleasant truths with them, are a massive part of the problem. The constant utilization of the “conspiracy theory” term in our society shows cowardice and a true lack of objective reasoning. Real and objective investigation of dire global issues takes courage and fortitude. As countless crimes of the power structure begin to become impossible to hide, they are preparing to tighten their noose of total control. Will the masses wake in time? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.Being an active part of the solution, or of the peaceful resistance, is a choice, make your voice heard while you can.

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