Global Alert News – 10.01.16

Few yet comprehend the degree to which those in power have been engaged in aggressively and intentioinally degrading the health and cognitive function of populations.  Few yet comprehend the severity of damage that has already been inflicted on the planet’s life support systems. The desperation of the power structure is rapidly reaching new levels of blatancy as they run out of options. Their attempt to hide all that is unfolding from the population is finally beginning to fail. How will the public respond to the medical community once they fully realize the extent to which so many in the medical field have profited by aggressively pushing undeniably dangerous vaccinations. The cancer that currently controls the world is completely out of control. If we are to have any chance of fully exposing and halting it in time to salvage any semblance of our planet’s life support systems (and our health), we must all take a stand together. The latest issue of Global Alert News is below.

The clock continues to tick toward midnight, time is not on our side. Make your voice heard in the fight for the greater good while there is still time to make a difference.

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