Go Harrison – 08.29.16

GUESTS: Andrew Goldman
Background Summary: Counsel for Policy and Legal Affairs for Knowledge Ecology International. Goldman is an attorney and consumer advocate who primarily works on the use of national and international law to lower drug prices.
Here’s his full bio: http://keionline.org/andrewgoldman
GUESTS: Jay Ponti Peace Activist & Orgnizer: The way forward
Background Summary:
GUESTS: Ioannis Melssinidis
Olympic Gold Winner Wants Ancient Marble Statues Returned to Greece, Pt.2   Olympic gymnastics champion, Ioannis Melssinidis, takes up the torch to return the purloined ancient Greek statues “Elgin Marbles” to the plundered Parthenon in this GOHARRISON special.   This interview marks the Olympic medalists’ first interview in 10 years.
GUESTS: GoHarrison – Rob Reiner_Aug 24 2016 – Segment 4
The brilliant & funny director talks Hollywood, life, humor, and Richard Nixon – and not in that order. This classic GOHARRISON interview is not to be missed!