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Goodall says animals “suffer” from genetically modified foods – Michaela Meaney

Animals show adverse effects from genetically modified foods, and consumers should take that as a warning, primatologist Jane Goodall said Tuesday at a National Press Club news conference that called to urge stronger government safeguards for genetically modified organisms.

“Animals tell us something,” said Goodall. “If the animals have suffered this way, potentially for us, let’s listen to what they’re telling us. Let’s take heed.”

Goodall joined public interest attorney Steven Druker to talk about the Food and Drug Administration’s oversight of GMOs — organisms that have been engineered to develop new traits, commonly for the enhancement and growth of crops. Those crops often are fed to animals.

Goodall wrote the foreword for Druker’s 2015 book on FDA regulation of GMOs, which alleges a too-cozy relationship with Monsanto MON, -2.29%  and other agribusiness companies. At Tuesday’s news conference, Druker noted that Michael R. Taylor, the FDA deputy commissioner for foods and veterinary medicine is a former Monsanto Co. vice president.

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