vaccination tracking

Government prepares to track unvaccinated adults

The latest assault on human and civil rights in the United States has been quietly taking shape, but rather than media and public outcry, this attack is being met with cheers from the very corners that condemn other forms of discrimination.

What is the object of this attack?  Believe it or not, it’s adults who have not complied with the vaccination schedule pushed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Unfortunately, medical tyranny is alive and well.

Unvaccinated adults ought to be very concerned

In February, the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) put otherwise law-abiding American adults on notice that refusing to fall into lockstep with federal vaccine recommendations will no longer be tolerated. To that end, public health officials have formulated a plan to launch an immense nationwide vaccination public relations attack involving private business and nonprofit organizations.

So, you may be wondering – ‘what’s the goal?’ It’s quite simple, to employ high-pressure tactics for getting adults to comply with the CDC adult vaccination schedule. I can hardly believe this is being allowed in the United States.

Blatant discrimination in the ‘Land of the Free’

In a country where the rights of citizens of all ages who are affected with any number of health issues are adamantly defended, it is shocking to find little public outcry over the blatant discriminatory action of government officials against the rights of a group of citizens who pose no threat to public health. What’s really behind this agenda to vaccinate the population?

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