Growing Herbal Helpers at Home

Herbs are normally thought of as a culinary addition to transform a boring dish into an amazing meal, but many of them are easy to grow, easy to maintain and bestow a number of health benefits. 

The pharmacy of the future will not dispense pharmaceuticals, but instead nutraceuticals. A great way to start this movement is in the comfort of your own home, by growing herbs in your kitchen.

Kitchen medicine is the pharmacy of the future, and dispenses plants rather than pharmaceuticals. Plus, when is the last time your prescription refilled itself with a little water and sun? Growing herbs is a great way to move towards a more sustainable future, and away from the frustrations of the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical model that our healthcare system is based upon does not ground itself in prevention of disease, but rather the creation of lifelong customers. The doctor writes a prescription, you pick it up from the pharmacy, the pharmacist asks you generic questions, hopefully insurance covers at least a small fraction of the cost, you go back home with less money, but more frustration. Pharmaceuticals are not personalized medicine, but a generalized approach to symptom management without any actual resolution of disease. If said prescription doesn’t do its job, you’re either prescribed a higher dose, or a different medication, with its own laundry list of side effects. But keep in mind, this model has only been in place less than a hundred years, and before that we relied upon natural medicines. Never in our human existence have we lacked a synthetic chemical or analogue as the so-called cause of our disease. But rather we lack nutrients, complex biochemical compounds with more intelligence than anything we could ever try and replicate on a chemical level. Numerous prescription drugs, including chemotherapeutic agents, have “borrowed” their chemical structure from nature, but tweaked just enough so it could be patented. Prior to the instillation of the pharmaceutical model, our medicine was found all around us, and still is.

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