Haitian People’s Court will Trial the Crimes of 100 Years of US Colonization

Source: AlterPresse / The Dawn News / January 18, 2017

July 28, 2017 is the deadline to deliver denounces to the symbolic People’s Court, which has been called to examine the 100 years of US occupation of Haiti (from 1915 to 2015). This initiative has been created thanks to a joint effort by many social organizations.

From January to February 2017, the organizers will visit all of Haiti’s departments to create departmental committees, as reported by the representative of the Committee of Direction and Coordination of the People’s Court, Camille Chalmers, in a conference/debate on January 17, which was attended by online agency AlterPresse.

Between February and May 2017, accusations will be made based on testimonies, scientific research and documentation provided by all the regions and sectors, Chalmers announced.

The trial against the century of US occupation will begin the moment the accusations are received by the court. Then, a calendar for formal audiences will be set.

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