Heart Of Mind Radio – 04.03.21

Heart Of Mind Radio, April 3, 2021



On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio for the NEW Millennium, host Kathryn Davis opens the magic of the muse, in a contemplative discussion on the meaning of human existence and on being more than the mundane.

Featured music:

Frog Dancing by David Anthony Clark; Crimson and CloverJoan Jett and the BlackheartsDreaming Wide Awake by Liz WrightSunrise Prayer by Douglas Spotted Eagle; Breaths by Sweet Honey and the Rock; Life Uncommon by Jewel

Program ends with a treat: Four Route Relaxation Qigong with Kathryn Davis Kathryn is offering a FREE introduction to the Qigong Self Care Program on Tuesday at 7:00 PM

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Kathryn Davis has 29 years experience as a teacher of qigong and other meditation and energy healing systems (including: Reiki, EnergyFieldology™, Toltec shamanic healing and the Cherokee-based Sandlin Technique), is certified by the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and has engaged in extensive study in both the U.S. and China. Her current qigong teaching repertoire includes the “Soaring Crane,” “Jade Body” and “Turtle Longevity” forms. Kathryn currently offers classes at Studio Maya in Brooklyn; is the author of the forthcoming book: Harness the Natural Rhythms of Life; and is the producer/host of Heart Of Mind, Radio for the New Millennium on WBAI/Pacifica Radio 99.5 FM in NY, and the Progressive Radio Network, PRN.FM.

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