Heart Of Mind Radio – 04.15.20

Heart Of Mind Radio, April 11, 2020
On today’s Heart of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis shares the invitation to join a FREE on-line Earth Day Celebration with guests, Mitchell Rabin, founder of A Better World Foundation and host of A Better World Radio & TV Show; Guy R. McPhersonscientist, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona;, and Jackson Madnick, founder and president of Premium Lawn Seed, providing ecologically constructive hybrid seeds. Plus a brief health update for COVID19 by John Monrothe Holistic Eye Care Educator.
Featured Music:
Frog Dancing by David Anthony Clark, Come to the River by Diane Reeves, Navaee by Haale, On Earth by Rita Selby

PLANET HEART in association with We, The World Produced by ANDREW KAEN Presents: The 13th ANNUAL WORLD PEACE EARTH DAY CELEBRATION  Wednesday April 22, 2020 6 – 9:30pm EST GLOBALLY ONLINE (FREE)
For more information: EarthDay@WeTheWorld.Org  www.PlanetHeart.org
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Guest Bios 
Mitchell Rabin is an international speaker, impassioned environmentalist, holistic coach, acupuncturist, workshop leader stress management consultant and Host of A Better World Radio & TV which has been on the air since 1993. He is founder, President and CEO of A Better World Foundation, a non-profit organization which uses media, education, communications and social enterprise for creating a more educated and inspired society that is more humane and sustainable. Mitchell is VP on the Board of Directors of FIONS, on the Advisory Boards of World Water Rescue Foundation, All-Faiths Seminary, Partnerships for Change, Source of Synergy Foundation and on the Board of Directors CarePoint and of an NGO, Institute for Global Education. Mitchell is also on the Advisory Board of Emerald City USA, a new, model green city near Miami
Guy R. McPherson is an American scientist, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona. He is best known for promoting the idea of near term extinction (NTE), a term he coined about the possibility of human extinction as soon as 2030.
In May 2009, McPherson began transitioning to living on an off-grid homestead in southern New Mexico. McPherson authors a blog called “Nature Bats Last”, that focuses on global climate change, energy decline and the possibility of imminent human extinction due to the increasing accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. On November 1, 2015, McPherson was interviewed on National Geographic Explorer with host Bill Nye. Regarding his NTE views, Andrew Revkin in The New York Times said McPherson was an “apocalyptic ecologist.
Jackson Madnick, founder and President of Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed, spent his retirement money to develop a combination of lawn seeds which would “give more than they take” back to the environment.  After some 7+ years of intense experimentation and R&D, he and his team of agricultural experts from across the country, identified a particular combination of seeds that grow very slowly, very deeply, don’t use chemicals for maintaining an awesomely green lawn. And use almost no water. These lawns’ sequester 8-10X times the carbon of an ordinary lawn so anyone who uses this lawn seed is doing something significant in reducing the carbon footprint. It is in almost 050,000 lawns across the country.

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