Heart Of Mind Radio – 04.23.20

Heart Of Mind Radio, April 18, 2020
On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis offers commentary on the state of Covid 19 with special drop-in guest Wuji Jacobs, host of Afrobeat Radio on WBAI, to discuss the theories, conspiracies, and apparent truths. Followed by a meditation for breathing.
Featured Music
Frog Dancing by David Anthony Clark, Navayee by Hale Spirit of the Wind by Don Conreaux, The Center by Vargo, Silence by Vargo,

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Online Qigong Class at Studio Maya
Thu, April 23rd 8:00 AM

Introduction to Qigong: For beginners and Intermediate practitioners. Proactive health promoting routines: Stress release with gentle movements and breath practice. PLUS Cleansing, detox and immune boosting routine.

Let’s Stay Healthy Together
There is plenty here for you do during this unfortunate time of confinement

Studio Maya is offering a full spectrum of classes including Qigong, Zumba and Dance, and much more. A full Day Pass is only $5.00. You can also register for weekly and monthly passes.

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We will be adding more classes as we grow forward.
Stay at your best, healthy and strong.