Heart Of Mind Radio – 05.08.21

On today’s Heart Of Mind, Radio for the NEW Millennium, host Kathryn Davis explores new vistas in stem cell research, including Stem Cell Ophthalmology with Dr. Steven Levy, president of StemCells.com and John Monro of Dr.Banker.com. Among the topics discussed are the treatment that applies a transfer of active bone marrow derived adult stem cells to an area that has sustained cellular damage.

Review Clinical Trials at: www.clinicaltrials.gov<http://www.clinicaltrials.gov>
Identifier NCT03011541.

For more information go to: https://www.mdstemcells.com/

or to request inclusion in a study: email: stevenlevy@mdstemcells.com

For more information about wholistic eye care contact John Monro: (303) 494-4532 or go to DrBanker.com


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