Heart Of Mind Radio – 05.09.20

Heart Of Mind Radio, May 9, 2020

Heart of Mind, Radio for the New Millennium, A central source for health, consciousness, spirituality, soul-communion and self-liberation, On today’s program, host Kathryn Davis is joined by James J Hurtak, Desiree Hurtak and Alan Steinfeld for a conversation about consciousness. Covering the heart, mind and scientific evidence that demonstrates a field of consciousness that is far greater than the capacity of the brain to create and transform our reality.

Featured Music: Frog Dancing, by David Anthony Clark, A Kind of Magic by Queen, Absence of Fear by Jewel,



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J.J. Hurtak, PhD., M.A., M.Th. Founder and President of the Academy for Future Science, an international NGO, (Non Government Organization). He is a social scientist, futurist, remote sensing and space law specialist. He is author of twenty books, his best seller is The Keys of Enoch. Among his many other books is one he co-authored with physicist Russell Targ, entitled End of Suffering and Mind Dynamics in Space and Time co-authored with Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and Desiree Hurtak. He has two PhD.s, one from the University of California, and one from the University of Minnesota. His M.Tn is from Luther Theological Seminary where he studied early Greek, Latin and Coptic literature from the Patristic period under Dr. Carl Volz.

Dr. Hurtak has accomplished extensive archaeological studies in Egypt and was one of the principal discoverers in 1997 of the “Tomb of Osiris” on the Giza Plateau. He also worked in the pyramids of Mexico and Egypt doing GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) and acoustic sound tests. He is research director of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association.

Desiree Hurtak, PhD, MS.Sc, is a Social scientist, futurist and co-founder with her husband Dr. JJ Hurtak of the Academy For Future Science, an international organization working in over fifteen countries. Dr. Desiree Hurtak is also an environmentalist and an author of several books. Her most recent work, co-authored with her husband, is entitled Overself Awakening which has already been translated into 6 languages, as well as the 72 Names of the Myriad Expressions of the Divine Mother. Her most recent book co-authored with her husband and Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher entitled Mind Dynamics in Space and Time.

Desiree has worked extensively in both Egypt and Mexico. She hosted a panel at the United Nations Rio+20 Summit (2012) where she presented The Academy’s work with the indigenous peoples of Brazil, focusing on Youth and Sustainable development. She also presented at the UN DPI Climate Forum, New York (2007) and was a participant at the UN World Summit for Sustainable Development (Johannesburg 2002). She also lectured at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne (2009) and Salt Lake City (2015), and Toronto (2018).

For the last 20 years Alan Steinfeld has traveled the globe looking for the most important contribution to the field of Consciousness and is the host and producer of the New Realities television show, which airs on Time/Warner television in New York City. He has produced over 2000 interview programs with the leading-edge thinkers, scientists, artists, paradigm shifters and religious leaders from around the world.

In addition to producing the New Realities TV program, Alan is a writer, producer, director of the narrative film “Never Wear A Dead Man’s Shoes” which is about modern Jewish superstitions, and has produced documentaries in India (on Spiritual leaders), in Egypt (on ancient temples along the Nile), in Santa Fe (on the healing arts), and in Los Angeles (on dolphin intelligence) And co-authored the play Quintessence, a multi extravaganza that merges the worlds of science, spirituality and art.

Kathryn Davis is a Qigong Teacher, a facilitator of Meditation and Mind/body Relaxation Techniques, a practitioner of Reiki, Spiritually guided life force energy and the Sandlin Technique, and Indigenous healing based on Vision Quest and Shamanic Insight. She is founder of the Ku Li Sheng™, Healing System, which includes a Qigong form, postures and healing technologies. She has produced Heart Of Mind Radio since 2014 on the Progressive Radio Network and since 2000 on WBAI Pacifica Radio.

Kathryn offers private energy healing sessions and spiritual counseling: In person or by phone or SKYPE.

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