Heart Of Mind Radio – 06.20.20

Heart Of Mind Radio, June 20, 2020
On today’s Heart Of Mind, Radio for the NEW Millennium, host Kathryn Davis speaks with Rick Ulfick and Heidi Little, about collective activism and collaboration through, and 11 campaigns for change.
Frog Dancing by David Anthony Clark, ONE and the We The World Song produced by Heidi Little.
Rick Ulfik is the Founder of We, The World and the WE Campaign at a global platform to unite and amplify the efforts of people, organizations and movements working for the common good. Rick is the Co-Creator of 11 Days of Global Unity – 11 Ways to Change the World linking local awareness and action campaigns into an inspiring international movement with participants including Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra, Eve Ensler, Bill McKibben and many others.
Heidi Little is a Vocalist, Songwriter, Performing Artist, Educator, and Founder of International Childrens Month and The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning. Heidi is Coordinator of We, The World’s Campaign For Children & Youth and Producer of We, The World’s first Compilation Album.

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